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From Simplicity To Perfection

Our Journey

  • We Started Journey in 1980's

  • 1986


    In the Vibrant Landscape of the rice industry, our founder Krishan Chand Singla's journey began in the 1980's. With determination and unwavering dedication, he toiled to establish his mark and gain valuable experience in this flourishing domain.

  • 1986


    In Krishan Chand Singla founded JDRM as a tribute to his father Sh. Janki Dass. Our Company's legacy is deeply rooted in the values and Principles instilled by our founded and his vision for excellence. this story is one of love, respect and a commitment to uphold the legacy of Sh. Janki Dass.

  • 2000


    By the dawn of the millennium JDRM was flourishing as a prominent player, gaining widespread recognition of our exceptional Rice quality. Embracing a global vision , we ventured into international Market, exporting our finest Rice to multiple countries across the world.

  • 2010


    Janki Dass Rice MIlls had Grown into a formidable force in the rice Industry, achieving remarkable milistones under thevisionary leadership of its directors; Mr. Rajesh Singla and Mr. Devinder Signla. the organisation fostered the culture of innovation and continuous improvement and expadedits operations to encompass three state-of-the-art production units.

  • 2020


    By the year 2020, JDRM hadtranscended borders and expanded its global footprint across 30 countries worldwide. Our rice had become a beloved choice for customers from diverse cultures and regions, winning hearts with its exceptional taste, quality and reliability.

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